How do leaders use organizational culture as a force for change?

Often, we think of culture as a conservative force in organizations. It reflects a company’s history and the ways it has succeeded and grown.

But culture can also be one of the most powerful tools leaders can leverage to enable adaptation and change, by selectively drawing on people’s common understandings and competencies.

Read how culture is a tool for change in my Stanford Social Innovation Review article:

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Wondering how to sustain a culture when work is remote or hybrid?

Read my article in MIT Sloan Management Review:

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This article was featured as one of the key leadership lessons of 2020 in a round up by MIT Sloan:

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Or watch this video:

Keeping Your Organisational Culture When You’ve Lost Your Office from Cambridge Judge Business School on Vimeo.

For over twenty-five years, my academic research has identified how people at all levels of organizations create change by influencing how others think about issues (like sustainability, purpose, or equity) and their relevance to the business, building allies, and learning over time from their efforts.

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