How can business contribute to sustainability – rather than merely reduce unsustainability?

The transformations urgently needed are system transformations. And business is capable of leading system change on the scale, and at the speed, needed to address climate change, the biodiversity crisis, and much more. But how can this be done without creating unintended consequences, or solving the wrong problem?

Watch this brief video on what motivates me to have studied sustainability and change for over 25 years:

ESG Impact is Hard to measure but it's not impossible

Read my article on the promise and perils of ESG measurement in Harvard Business Review:

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Read why our theories of organizations need to be updated in an era of planetary shifts:

Howard-Grenville, J., & Lahneman, B. (2021). Bringing the biophysical to the fore: Re-envisioning organizational adaptation in the era of planetary shifts. Strategic Organization, 19(3), 478-493.

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Howard-Grenville, J. (2021). Caring, courage and curiosity: Reflections on our roles as scholars in organizing for a sustainable future. Organization Theory, 2(1), 2631787721991143

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Howard-Grenville, J., & Spengler, J. (2022). Surfing the Grand Challenges Wave in Management Scholarship: How Did We Get Here, Where are We Now, and What's Next?. In Organizing for societal grand challenges. Emerald Publishing Limited.

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As an editor at top management journals, I have been active and vocal in encouraging scholarship on sustainability and other grand societal challenges.

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