Professor Jennifer Howard-Grenville

I have written more than 40 academic journal articles and am author or editor of four books.

I use qualitative research approaches, including interviews and observations, to immerse myself in the worlds of those I study.

My work has taken me inside semiconductor manufacturing facilities, onto tracks where Olympic athletes compete, and (only vicariously) down the Amazon river.

I am endlessly curious and inspired by how people try to create change around things they care about and have long focused on issues that now attract labels like sustainability, purpose, and equity. I use my expertise in organizational culture, identity, routines and systems to make sense of what I see and translate it into insights for multiple audiences.

See below for more information on my research on systems transformation for sustainability, leadership of change through culture and the future of work.

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Systems transformation for sustainability

How can business contribute to sustainability – rather than merely reduce unsustainability?

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Leadership of change through culture

How do leaders use organizational culture as a force for change?

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Future of Work

What will the future of work look like and how can we create organizations that support their people, enable them to thrive, and that meet societal needs?

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